Queen Agenda © was founded in 2011 with the creation of the QUEEN snapback. The hat was created  to symbolize the idea of wearing a crown. Those who wore the hat were always referred to as "Queen" by the strangers they would meet. The reception was amazing and I decided to expand the brand to my Kings by creating limited KING snapbacks and beanies so that my Kings could also be recognized. Since then, I've placed my focus back on my Queens by creating new apparel & accessories. I believe that no matter the a woman's past, background or profession, she should be recognized, respected and treated as a Queen. I also feel that it is our responsibility as women to uplift our fellow Queens who may not recognize the power that they possess. The Queen Agenda is all about creating a sisterhood of love and positivity. We will not only create this bond through apparel but we will also strive to achieve this through music, events, and just by simply reminding each other that no matter the road we're currently traveling, no matter the current struggles of life thrown our way, we always have the ability to be great.


The Queen Agenda © Pledge

I am a Queen. I represent Passion Purpose and Positivity. I will spread love to my fellow Queens, encourage and support her. I know the power within me and I will use it to help uplift those around me. Queens recognize Queens, so I'm going to keep my crown on so that you can see that I am you and you are me. #QueenAgenda