Keeping Up With The Joneses Is Keeping You From Your Purpose

Oh what tangled webs we weave trying to keep up with an image that is not of who we were born to be. 

I get it, we all want to feel poppin'. We all want popularity or notoriety because ideally that equates to success these days. But what is it really worth when your mind and soul doesn't really agree with what you're displaying externally? The need to constantly fit into the new wave of what's "in" is only taking you further away from your purpose and downplaying what you're actually capable of contributing to society as an individual. It takes so much more energy to cater to other's idea of who you are than it does to actually just be. Even worse, in being something that we aren't, we constantly attract energies that we really don't connect with and the result of this is ALWAYS negative. In my twenties, I tried so many things that I thought would put me in a better position and in return, I failed. I kept having to start over or I'd beat myself up because I never could seem to meet my own fantasized expectations. It wasn't until I finally admitted to myself that the things (and people) I was chasing and what I would go out of my way to keep up with just wasn't my type of hype.

In retrospect, I realize the universe would give me exactly what I asked for (or chased) but not because it was meant for me but more so to show me that it really wasn't for me. And guess what? I ended up right back at square one. Starting over and disguising it as "rebuilding, revamping, or re-branding" (lol). Pretending and maintaining a facade is stressful. As you grow older, your values change, the list of what you're willing to tolerate gets shorter and overall, you just become a different 'YOU'...a more advanced 'You'. So imagine pretending to be something you're not and getting people to buy into this idea of you and still having to deal with personal growth where your mentality on life starts to change. Now, you have to choose between keeping up with this false image that isn't fulfilling or constantly morphing in front of your audience to the point where people just don't know WHO you are and are no longer interested. Real talk, you'll basically look like the Nutty Professor when he was literally fighting who he thought he wanted to be. This scene would literally happen every waking day of your life... and sis, ain't nobody got time for that kind of battle.


I'm speaking from experience. Stop trying to keep up with an idea of your self and really step into who you actually were created to be and who you're comfortable with being with no apologies. The moment you feel as though you're compromising your values and your gut starts talking to you..take heed. Gather all of the tools from the lessons you've learned along the way and utilize it to build on to your SELF. Once you tune into what really makes you happy, watch the shift happen, watch how like-minds start to magnetically flock to you and watch how effortlessly doors start to open to opportunities that naturally feel more fulfilling. You gotta let that fake shit go, be exactly who you are.