Project | Queen

Hey Queens!

So I'm starting on the first plan of action on the QUEEN'S AGENDA and I am going to need your help to move it forward. Starting in July 2018, I will be visiting the women shelters & centers in Charlotte to give out a few vital pieces to my Queen's in need. I want my Queens who have found themselves in unfavorable circumstances to still recognize the Queen within, but in order to truly lift them we must realize that we are our sister's keeper and really look out for our fellow queens. 

I will be taking donations in the form of physical items as well as monetary. I've gotten a few packages made up off my own dime, but full transparency... sis, this venture hasn't been easy to complete with respect to finances and maintaining a daily living but my heart is telling me that this HAS to be done with no excuses. Anything is appreciated whether its a $1.00 or physical items. 

Those who donate in any way will be updated on progress as we get the ball rolling. I am all about full disclosure and keeping my Queens involved. 

Below are the items that I KNOW my Queens are in need of. As this grows, I hope to create bigger care packages with more! For the first go round I am collecting sanitary napkins  [Small square pack], Full length crew socks and cleansing wipes.


To donate in monetary form, click the button below!


**To donate physical items, please email and lets chat about it!