Pre-Order Queen Agenda Logo Necklace

Pre-Order Queen Agenda Logo Necklace


Details on your new crown and its arrival will be emailed to you after you've completed your order. 

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JEWELRY NEEDS TLC! Please take care of your pieces!

Here are the basic rules for caring for your jewelry properly:

  • DO NOT wear your jewelry in the shower, while you work out, or while you sleep! Acrylic will never tarnish as it is not metal, but the mirrored backing can be damaged by excessive exposure to water, sweat and rubbing.


  • DO NOT spray perfume directly on your chest while wearing your necklace! This may accelerate the wearing of the metal finishes.


  • DO NOT throw jewelry loose in your bag or purse! Acrylic pieces often break when they are tossed into a purse, and metal will scratch. If you have to do it, make sure it is in a separate pocket away from other things that could scratch or crush it.


  • Hang up your jewelry or store it in its box when it is not in use. When traveling always bring your box along to store the jewelry and prevent it from breaking in your suitcase.

Acrylic Line

Acrylic is a very lightweight type of plastic. The gold and silver mirrored acrylic Hannah Roses uses has a mirror backing that can scratch or chip if not properly cared for. Acrylic pieces will break if you apply too much pressure to them. Putting them in any sort of purse, backpack, or bag unprotected will eventually result in breakage. Please store them in their box!